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  1. Speech : The Joyous Imperatives of R.E.S.P.E.C.T

– 7 visits – 10/25/09

In the *Respectful Interfaces* approach we say that respectfully and as project or enterprise management framework: R.E.S.P.E.C.T., as next described;


models for NGO/private enterprise alliances and cooperation through case ….. fostering positive connectivity” and promoting “respectful interfaces”.

  1. Yahoo! Groups: Groups Discussing inc international concepts

For those already familiar with IFFRI (IFFRI – International Forum For Respectful Interfaces) a both online and land-based networking vehicle with a theme
groups.yahoo.com/phrase/inc-international-concepts – Cached

  1. Yahoo! Groups: Groups Discussing computing with sets | Yahoo! Groups

Most are clients of Enterprise Computing Systems. For those already familiar with IFFRI (IFFRI – International Forum For Respectful Interfaces) a both
groups.yahoo.com/phrase/computing-with-sets – Cached

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  1. Empower the United Nations with the Voice of the People !

The “Respectful Interfaces Programme” of the Communications Coordination As well, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is an enterprise planning and management system,
http://www.earthrhythm.org/EmpowerTheUN2/…/RespectfulInterfaces.html – Cached

  1. CONGO – List of nominees for CS membership to the GAID Strategy

Linda Misek-Falkoff (Respectful Interfaces*) · 5. and Enterprise Networking at the University College of Cape Breton, Sydney Nova Scotia Canada.

  1. CONGO – Robert Sagun

Office – 3/17/99 · Linda Misek-Falkoff: Respectful Interfaces …. of youth in national employment and micro-enterprise development policy formulation,

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  1. Who.is is a website for performing whois lookups on domain names

resourcelink-enterprise.com · resourcelinker.com · resourcelinkexchange.info …… respectful-interfaces.com · respectful-interfaces.net

  1. CiteULike: `Living Cultural Storybases’: Self-empowering

LCS promotes natural and respectful interfaces for indigenous peoples’ interaction with their oral tradition around a co-designed database core that

  1. [TIER] meeting today + guest speaker

of communities on appropriate and respectful interfaces for these peoples to fund raiser and technology architect of a win-win social enterprise,

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